Welcome to Zhonghua Traditional Snacks

We are located at: 13 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

Tel: (01223) 354573

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Cambridge Quirks:

“I’ve discovered Zhonghua Traditional Snacks not too long ago, but since stumbling upon this little gem, I’ve been having craving attacks for its noodles and dumplings. Located a couple of stores down from CB2 on Norfolk Street, this cozy little restaurant which houses probably at most 10 tables provides its patrons with Chinese handmade delicacies. You can find many locals in here as well as people who just have good taste for Chinese food.”

Also, from Rice socks:

“This little gem serves homemade dumplings of numerous varieties as well as very agreeably priced noodle dishes which are large and tasty. They also offer various dessert options including sweet steamed buns, red bean paste cakes and freshly made soya milk. The waitresses are friendly and the place is normally fairly busy during peak hours.”